Sunday, December 2, 2012

Organized to a fault

95 y/o Mr. F. knows he's a hoarder but he doesn't like to think in those terms.

He prefers to call it "pride of possessions."

The only furnishings in his one bedroom apartment are a recliner, one bureau, two desks and a stool (where I sat).

The rest of the apartment is basically floor to ceiling home made shelves with carefully marked and stacked plastic containers and isles just wide enough to walk through.

I so wanted to ask his permission to take a picture but it would not have done it justice.

He seems to know exactly where everything is located.

Even screws are boxed according to length-listed both in inches and millimeters.

I reached for my pen to write a note and realized I had left it in my car.

No worries-right next to the recliner-that serves as his day chair and his bed-were 5 containers marked 1.Pencils 2. Black ink stick pens 3. Blue ink stick pens 4. Click pens and 5. Felt tip markers.

I guess he thought I looked like a click pen sort of guy.

As I was using it I couldn't help but ponder what year it might have been made.

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