Sunday, December 9, 2012

None for me

The months issue of Men's Health is packed full of Christmas ideas:

The RoadID is a rubber bracelet worn by an individual who runs and "may get into trouble" because of distracted drivers, loose dogs, chaotic intersections and the unknown. It has all your identifying information, I gather, so that if you are down and nonverbal, the driver who accidentally hit you can identify you when, hopefully, he/she calls for help.

Fresh Balls is a product for men designed specifically to relieve the moisture and uncomfortable feeling of sweaty balls (I'm not kidding). It's recommended to be part of your daily grooming routine (

Finally the Cocksox looks like bikini underwear but reports to being great support for sports while supplying ultimate comfort ( The advertisement doesn't  mention sizes available but I would suspect most men would only want it ordered in large, even if they didn't need it.

I don't run outside (it didn't say it was recommended for walking outside), I've never had the sweaty balls concern (or at least been uncomfortable by it), and I've never liked constricting underwear.

Maybe the next issue will have some other ideas?

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