Saturday, November 10, 2012

Only 1 out of 4

Mr. R.'s daughter showed me a few pictures from June 18, 2011.

It was Mr. R.'s 90th birthday celebration.

He appeared to be the picture of health: socializing, singing and dancing.

She reported that at the time he was still walking 2.5 miles and doing 200 push-ups a day.

Unfortunately, he fell in February, 2012 and sustained a left hip fracture.

A year and a half later he remains significantly disabled.

Hip fractures are never a good thing in the elderly.

Within the year after a hip fracture, 25% have died, 25% remain in a long term care facility, 25% are home but disabled and only 25% have returned to close to the activity level and functionality as prior to the fracture.

Only 1 out of every 4 return to close to their baseline.

Mr. R. was always the picture of health and loved to exercise.

Unfortunately, it again confirms the statistics.

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