Sunday, November 11, 2012

Aging and risk for heart disease

A study conducted in Denmark, by the University of Copenhagen, has linked heart disease to six signs of aging: baldness at the crown of the head, receding hairline at the temples, gray hair, wrinkles, earlobe creases and fatty deposits around the eyes.

The study concluded that the presence of visible signs of aging signaled an increased risk for heart attacks and heart disease.

What a shocker (I'm being sarcastic)!

I haven't done a research study on the topic yet but it also seems to me, from my experience, that heart disease is also probably linked to cataracts, hearing loss, decreased muscle mass, love handles, arthritis and erectile dysfunction.

Here's my own conclusion: The older a person is, the greater the risk for heart attacks and heart disease.

So here comes the big question: is it best to allow your doctor to see your visible signs of aging or to undergo hair transplants (for balding and receding hair), dye your hair, and see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to correct the wrinkles, earlobe creases and fatty deposits?

I wonder if a person who uses Grecian Formula might sue the hair dye company for making it harder for his doctor to consider if he might have heart disease?

Maybe a warning will need to be put on the products?

Warning: the use of hair dye might make it harder for your doctor to know if you have heart disease. Use at your own risk. You should notify your doctor, and anyone else you are trying to fool into thinking you are younger than you really are, if you are using a hair dye product.

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