Thursday, November 1, 2012

From your nose?

A staff member called to let me know she had been vomicking all night.

I've heard this term by many patients over the years; just never by a health care professional.

I just always assumed they were substituting for the word vomiting.

It's listed in the urban dictionary however:

"The act of spewing forth your stomach contents from your nose"

So, if/when I hear this word in the future I'll make sure to ask the follow-up question: "Did you vomit out of your nose?"

If/when someone answers in the affirmative, I'll be sure to ask the next question: "Why?"

There should be NO reason why anyone would prefer the nasal route to the oral route, unless of course you're vomiting and vomicking at the same time.

Those folks will have my undivided attention and empathy.

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