Sunday, October 27, 2013

See one, do one

I recently saw a 33 year-old who needed to be detox'd from street drugs.

I'd never seen him before but was able to assist him in being admitted to a facility for the same.

I had a chance to review his in-depth admission papers recently.

It reported he had started to use/abuse alcohol at age 8, hallucinogens at age 10, opiates at age 16, marijuana and other club drugs at age 17, cocaine at age 19, amphetamines at age 20, and heroin at age 30.

It's not a great leap to assume he was raised in a dysfunctional family and that the apple probably did not fall far from the tree.

I've often come across parents socially who are disappointed that their children have dabbled in drugs and alcohol at an early age.

They're often "hammered" when voicing their displeasure over the choices their kids have made.

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