Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ashes of "T (ime)"

Is it Chihuahua or Chiwawa?

I can never remember.

Regardless, Mr. and Mrs. L., who are both in their 90's, have had a number over the years.

They all had names that began with a "T."

When last at their home I met Toby.

When I returned for a second visit, Toby was no where in site.

I inquired.

He had recently died.

Mrs. T. then asked me to follow her to the fireplace mantle.

There sat a picture of Toby next to an urn with his ashes.

Next to Toby's picture was a picture of Tina with a small urn, that was next to a picture of Tiny with a small urn, that was next to a picture of Tubby with a small Urn and that was next to a picture of Trixy with a small urn.

It's quite a memorial.

A wonderful tribute to an incredibly faithful breed of man's best friend.

Mrs. L. let me know that they aren't planning on getting another due to their age.

I sort of bet things might change if/when someone happens to show up at their home with a Chihuahua puppy.

Hopefully, if that happened, they would be able to come up with another name starting with a "T."

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