Thursday, May 30, 2013

The prostate be continued

From the Orlando Sentinel:

"Prostate cancer is a disease many men die with, not of.

No good study shows that PSA testing saves lives. However, much evidence exists to indicate that men who get treated have a high incidence of infection, incontinence and impotence. They also have a 1.5% chance of death from treatment.

Last month the American Urological Association raised its age guidelines for PSA tests from age 40 to age 55. After age 55 it's recommended that men make an informed decision about the potential benefits versus the harms of biopsy and surgical side effects.

A local urologist disagrees. "What's lost in the debate is that we're taking away a man's right to know he has prostate cancer.""

And there we have it. Another perfect example of why we far and away lead the world in health care dollars spent but are 13th in the world in quality of life ratings and 37th in the world in life expectancy.

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