Friday, August 21, 2015

Life without T

I started this blog a few years ago and it's been a lot of fun and therapeutic to record many patients, family/personal stories and life observations.
For the most part, I've led an incredibly charmed life up until June 18th, 2015.
That's the day, my amazing 45 year-old wife, Tori, who was sitting on the couch next to me suddenly slumped over and became unresponsive.
It was about 20 minutes after I had written the most recent blog entry.
I was post-op day #9 from a left total hip revision and she was taking care of me.
She suffered a heart attack and had prolonged cerebral hypoxia.
After 4 days of attempted interventions in which no significant brain stem function was observed she was allowed to die naturally as per her previously known wishes.
Our (mine and my childrens) world has been rocked.
Today is day 60 of Life without T (Tori) and I am therefore starting a new blog with the same title.
I suspect some might end up there initially due to thinking its a blog with information regarding how to live without Tea or Testosterone.
I don't know if they will come back when they determine it's about a 55 year-old male who has lost his soul-mate.
If not, hopefully they might pass the title on to someone they know who may be in the midst of a life changing event.
Patients Say The Darndest Things has ended as of today.
I have more important things to write about.


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