Thursday, September 12, 2013

Not so little anymore

Mr. D. was married to "Big Red (red hair runs in the family)" for over 50 years.

They had 7 children together.

She unexpectedly died before he did.

She spent years caring for him after a devastating stroke.

Their youngest daughter, nick-named "Little Red," is now his caregiver.

She also takes care of her older disabled brother (after an injury), her two high need step-children (both with fetal alcohol syndrome), and her disabled 27 year son (after a severe MVA at age 16).

Her husband helps whenever he can but is out working a lot of the time to provide.

She admits to some tough times emotionally but, in general, appears filled with an incredible sense of gratitude.

I questioned if I could do the things she's doing with my own family, if circumstances ever led to that point, on my drive back to the office.

"Big Red" would be very proud.

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