Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Let's make a deal

The Mamasan in charge of cleaning the Hooch, that Mr. O. lived in for part of his tour in Vietnam, had a lot of connections.

He reports that he could give her 4 cartons of cigarettes in exchange for an extra-large sized garbage bag of marijuana pods.

Mr. O. didn't smoke cigarettes and had no use for the easily obtained and inexpensive cartons.

He did smoke marijuana, however.

The cartons of cigarettes had a high trade value on the streets for the Mamasan.

She could trade them with street dealers for money or other goods.

They in turn would roll the cigarettes back and forth to loosen and remove some of the tobacco in order to "spike" them with a vial of heroin, which was then re-sold at a much higher cost.

The Mamasan and Mr. O. were each others best customer.

Mr. O. also reports that he had a very clean Hooch.

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